Used Safe Clearance Gold Coast

Not a single safe over $770.00

Used Safe Clearance Gold Coast. From now until the end of June 2019 you will not pay more than $770.00 for one of our used safes sitting on the showroom floor.

 Doesn’t matter what our regular RRP price is on the safe, you can take it out the door for $770.00

What’s not included in your $770.00 ?

If you need us to deliver and or install your new used safe that will be extra.

A used safe will always provide you a far better safe than the equivalent value safe you can buy new. Now with a maximum $770.00 price tag that value has grown even larger.

A number of our used safes are larger than the regular home safe. So if you have high valued items to protect or a large number of things to protect, then these safes are ideal for you.

Of course any business will benefit from having a safe and this is your prime opportunity to nab a bargain.