Deposit Safes

Deposit Safes

Our Secuguard range of deposit safes offer you 2 styles of deposit method;

  1. Postal Slot
  2. Deposit Chute

Your selection of type will be based on the general size of deposit required and whether it would be more practical using a chute or a slot.

With 6 models on offer there will sure be one to suit your needs.

All deposit safes come with an advanced digital lock providing features designed to enhance your cash holding security;

  • Administrator code
  • Manager codes x 2
  • User codes x 28
  • Time delay 0 sec to 99 minutes
  • Dual code entry, meaning 2 separate codes are required before the lock will unlock
  • Errant wrong-try lockout feature
  • Back-lit screen displaying battery voltage

Please note all pricing quoted on the website is subject to change and we reserve the right to re-quote the current pricing at time of purchase. FRANKsecure will try to keep prices as current as practical but many circumstances will prevent this from actually happening…we too are human.

3 Postal Slot models;


300h x 350w x 250d, 31kg

A smaller postal slot safe


544h x 350w x 250d, 55kg

A dual door postal slot safe.   The top door is a standard safe opening for keeping readily accessible items.

The bottom door has the receiving slot for deposits to normally be accessed only by authorised persons.


610h x 410w x 340d  86kg

A single door safe with an internal deposit receiving vestibule.  The internal vestibule is locked by a quality Australian Ross safe lock.

This is a  dual walled safe with fire resistant material to provide a low level of fire protection for your hard earned cash.

3 Deposit Chute Safes


455h x 345w x 300d  53kg

A small single door chute safe.

AP7038SEK   AP7038SEE

700h x 380w x 360d   94kg

A single door chute safe with an internal vestibule receiving the deposits. The SEK model has a key operable internal door whilst the SEE model has a digital internal door lock.