Second Hand Safes

Second Hand Safes offer exceptional value for money.

Gold Coast Showroom of Second Hand Safes

FRANKsecure’s location showroom at Arundel provides an excellent medium to view a range of second hand safes. They may look a little rough around the edges but in reality there is not too much that can deteriorate on a safe.

VALUE of second hand safes

The price of a second hand safe is usually at least 30% less and often more than 50% less than it’s original purchase price. FRANKsecure have safes around the $2,000 buy price that would have set you back $7-12,000 new.

UPGRADE your second hand safe

Okay, the exterior of some of the second hand safes may be a little second grade and if that worries you then we can arrange to have the safe re-sprayed and looking better than new in no time. Cost is dependant on the size of the safe (as we have to transport it to the spray booth for sanding and painting) but the overall costing will be still far less than a new item.

For around $350 we can upgrade most dial combination locks to a quality UL rated digital lock. Variations do exist if special management features are required from your lock.

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$2,750.00 now $1,500.00

H720 x W670 x D670 mm

600kg approx

High security Chubb safe.


Deposit Safe


H530 x W480 x D420 mm


26 litre capacity

Lion Venus medium security safe with deposit drawer. Drawer is key lockable, catchment base opened via dial combination lock. Suits retail environment holding small amount of cash until banking.




H500 x W460 x D445 mm

200kg approx

29 litre capacity

One of our all-time favourite safes when in production, the Guardmaster offers an excellent choice of quality medium-high security safe.


Multi-store safes


H940 x W760 x D150 mm

350kg approx

Custom made 8 cupboard capacity safe on Bilock registered key system. Price includes re-key and issue of keys as per client requirements.


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