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A good safe is likely to be your best investment towards securing your valuables. Choose wisely and don’t jump at the cheapest model you find, look into the attributes and quality of features to represent the best value for your circumstances.

Safes perform arguably the most important function of any security system, stopping the theft of your valuables. All other security system components are good prevention solutions, a good safe will stop the theft.

A number of attributes should be considered when looking at purchasing a safe.

  1. Safes are not all made the same. There are differences in the amount of steel, the type of steel, and the quality of the locking mechanism.
  2. Fire or security protection. Probably you require both.
  3. The size.  Our sincere recommendation is to determine the size you feel you need then get a safe with at least 50% more capacity . Naturally the larger the safe the more items you can secure.
  4. The security rating. The general rule of thumb is the bigger/heavier/more security features the longer it will take for someone to break-in to it. Industry standards often refer to the insurable overnight cash holding rating of a safe as an indicator to how well a safe will resist an attack.

Retail Store Safes (Hardware & Stationery Stores)

Most cheaper safes are cheaper simply due to the lack of steel used in the construction of the safe. These safes will be up to one third the weight of a similar sized quality steel safe.  The locking mechanism is another major difference between the retail store safes and those FRANKsecure offer. Most locksmiths will be able to open a retail store safe in a matter of moments, whereas many locksmiths will shy away from trying to open a good quality safe & refer you to a specialist safe opening locksmith. You will notice retail store safes have a key override. Any secondary opening mechanism means a compromise in the overall security of the safe or a lack of faith in the cheaper digital lock. You certainly get what you pay for when purchasing a safe.


The FRANKsecure showroom is stocked with new and used safes from reputable manufacturers.

Steel Plate Security Safes

Steel plate security safes offer excellent resistance against the everyday break-in thief who isn’t prepared with tools to break-in to a safe.

Be aware what you are purchasing, as you are getting what you pay for.

See our guide to buying safes and be an informed consumer.

Most steel plate safes will have a suggested insurable value of

$0.00 to $5,000.00






Fire & Security Safes

Fire & Security Safes are the most sought after safe by both homes and business.

The construction of these safes immediately increases the security level with the added benefit of providing some level of fire protection.

Be aware that a Fire Safe alone does not offer good security.

When seeking security you must look at Security Safes that offer Fire protection.

German engineered safes from Burg-Wachter offer superb quality finishes and formidable security features;

CombiLine series;

  • 3 size capacities, 15L _ 27L _ 50L
  • dual walled security
  • certified 30minute fire rating
  • suggested insurable rating $20,000
  • read more here

Karat series;

  • 2 size capacities, 26L _ 45L
  • stainless steel bodied safe offering high oxy-torch resistance
  • digital & fingerscan models
  • suggested insurable rating $35,000
  • read more here

Diplomat series;

  • 4 size capacities, 28L _ 38L _ 56L _ 96L
  • triple walled security safe
  • certified 1hour fire rating
  • fingerscan opening
  • suggested insurable rating $50,000
  • read more here

For those seeking a more economical solution our Secuguard range offer the security of solid steel plate construction with a thermal lining to provide a degree of fire protection.

FA series;

  • 3 size capacities, 12L _ 22L _ 55L
  • UL rated digital locking
  • felt lined thermal inner provides fire protection and soft feel
  • read more here

Deposit Safes

The Secuguard range of deposit safes represent excellent value and operating options for most small businesses.

Manage your cash, keys or other requirements easily and quickly with a deposit safe. Single chamber or dual chamber containers are available. Dual chambers allow general access to one section whilst not the other.

Postal Slot Deposit Safes and Deposit Chute Safes.

click to read more on deposit safes



Fire and Data Safes

Chubb Fire & Data Cabinets

Data media (CD, DVD or tape) also requires the same protection from heat except the cabinet must prevent the internal temperature exceeding only 55 degrees Celsius.

Archive Cabinet _ a fire resistant large capacity storage cabinet, not rated but designed to resist fire at a reasonable price. Choice of 4 sizes starting at 325 to 880 litres capacity from $1,859.00

Read more about the Archive Safe

DPC Fire Resistant Document Cabinet _ a commercially certified fire cabinet offering 4 sizes including 2 double door models from 240 to 670 litre capacity from $2,409.00

READ MORE about document protection cabinets…

Fire File _ filing cabinet style storage protecting your files in a choice of 2 or 4 drawer models in either 1 or 2 hr ratings.

READ about fire files here

DataGuard NT Data Media Safe _ certified to 120 minutes for media protection, 3 size models to choose from 48 to 128 litre capacity from $1,750.00

Read more on DataGuard

DataPlus Data Media Safe _ certified to 120 minutes fire protection and to level S2 for burglary should you desire both data and security protection for your contents.  5 models ranging from 111 to 556 litres and from $7,909.00

Read more on DataPlus+

Depending on your requirements there are a range of optional accessories to fit-out your data cabinet in the most functional means for your situation;

  • removable shelves
  • lockable compartments
  • pull-out shelves / platforms / drawers
  • suspended files rack
  • data media inserts (for use inside standard fire protection cabinets or to fortify additional protection for sensitive media)
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