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Alarm and immobilser

RAKP Alarm_ 3pt immobiliser_ wireless keypad

Unfortunately, large numbers of high-risk vehicles are now being stolen by thieves gaining access to the owner’s car keys. With the RAKP, even if your car keys are stolen (including possibly your factory remote control) the RAKP can not be disarmed without entering your chosen PIN number. The Rhino RAKP is a variant of the RA Model and is designed primarily for use in modern high theft-risk vehicles with factory remote controls. The inclusion of our special wireless keypad prevents anyone from being able to disarm the alarm and start the vehicle unless they enter the chosen 4 digit PIN number within 20 seconds of opening one of the car doors.

– Auto-Immobiliser: The 3 onboard immobilisation circuits automatically activate 38 seconds after turning the ignition off.
– Auto Arming Alarm (Programmable): If the car ignition is switched off and a door is opened and closed, the alarm can be set to arm automatically.
– Manual Arming: You can also turn the alarm function on manually via your PIN number if you don’t want to use the automatic function all the time.
– The wireless keypad uses long-life lithium batteries and has backlit keys for night time illumination.

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