Levers and Handles

Lever furniture has no function other than being a lever, so it is necessary to compliment a lever pair with some form of latching, locking or dummy mechanism.


Lever and Handles are operational devices only, meaning they must work in conjunction with a latching and/or locking mechanism.

Levers and Handles brings a door to LIFE. You cannot open a door without a lever or handle. Levers & Handles also can become the feature of your doors and link the rest of the styling of the home or office environment.

Operating mechanisms for Levers & Handles may include any of the following mechanisms;

  • tubular latch
  • roller bolts / catches
  • mortice locks, both Australian and European style

When locking is required of the door you have 2 options;

  1. Pair a lever with a tubular latch or or handle with roller bolt, then add an auxiliary lock such as a deadbolt or privacy bolt
  2. Pair the lever or handle with a mortice lock with locking function. Additional lock furniture is required when selecting this option;
    1. choice of cylinder type, keyed or turn snib
    2. choice of plate furniture or escutcheons to dress the cylinder/snib extrusions

Mediterranean series

The Mediterranean series of lever handles offer an excellent design at a reasonable price.

Choice of finishes, satin chrome, chrome plate, polished brass and BLACK

Round and Square rose levers.

Complimenting cylinder escutcheons and privacy bolt kits.

On display in the FRANKsecure SHOWROOM

  • Mediterranean Flyer
  • Matt Black Flyer

    Kaba 240 series

    Kaba 24o series is a high quality product with cost effective pricing and design suitable for residential and commercial applications alike.

    • 50mm round rose
    • either zinc die-cast or forged solid brass
    • fire rated to comply to AS1905-1 2005
    • a selection of levers also comply for Access and Mobility AS1428
    • satin chrome or chrome plate finish
    • 14 lever designs

    On display in the FRANKsecure SHOWROOM


  • 240LeverFlyer


    A premium range of lever handles that will make your home or office the envy of all your friends and colleagues.

    On display in the Showroom.


    Premium brass levers presenting a beautiful array of stunning Italian designs. Priced from $70.00

    On display in our showroom.

    Classic lines, Designer and Style series and then there is the Swarovski range.

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