Alarm Systems

Locked and Armed

Locked and Armed Alarm systems are an excellent deterrent to break & enter attempts. Any system that notifies an intruder that they have been detected will greatly lessen the time that intruder will stay. If that system can notify an intruder before they in fact… Read more >

Compact 8kit

What happened?

What happened? No, not a late night out with a jaded memory, more like what happened when I was away? Camera systems provide just that solution. I do not describe camera systems as a deterrent to crime, but they are certainly an asset and worthy… Read more >


Keep your valuables

Keep your valuables Don’t let your valuable walk out the door. Security is a habit, and the best habit you can get into is to secure your valuables in a safe, or multiple safes! What can I secure? Car keys (Yes, one of the most… Read more >

perimeter security

Secure the perimeter

Secure the perimeter Good security practices entail looking at various strategies to prevent a break & enter or to prevent a home invasion. What is the perimeter? The perimeter is the space surrounding your home. Often you will have a fence, not always. You may… Read more >


Who’s at the door?

Who’s at the door? The door bell sounds, you are heading the door and it’s after dark, hopefully the person (or persons) behind your closed door is someone you know. A simple home security system should always include a video intercom system. Intercom systems allow… Read more >


Lock your door!

Lock your door ! Securing your home starts with the basics… lock your door. Too many times you will hear stories of break & enters that did not entail much breaking-in. It is easy to see how it all starts, especially with the morning rush out the… Read more >


Salto is made for Schools

Salto is made for Schools. FRANKsecure would like to introduce you to Salto and how it can assist your security and access requirements in your school facility. FRANKsecure have been installing access control systems for over 20 years and in recent years we have become… Read more >


New Safe Stock Has Arrived

New Financial Year has begun and our Safe Stock has arrived to kick start the “Year”. The showroom has new arrivals of the ever popular Burg Wachter Combiline series as well as new Secuguard series of steel plate safes. A safe needs to be secure…. Read more >

Alarm Systems

New Contact Phone Number

New Contact Phone Number for our Back to Base Monitoring Service. A reminder to all of our monitored alarm clients to update the phone number for the back to base monitoring control room. Control Room 1300-725 220 Call the control room for; any after hours… Read more >