Aiphone DA

Wireless Intercom

Wireless Intercom Long-range Wireless IP Video Intercom FERMAX’s LYNX IP video intercom is a true TCP/IP video intercom system, therefore with the addition of wireless LAN outdoor 5GHz access points we can install our LYNX IP video intercom system in remote or difficult locations where… Read more >


Archive Cabinet

Archive Cabinet Protect your paper archives from destruction by fire: Archive Cabinet from Chubbsafes is a range of storage cabinets providing fire protection. You archive many of your contracts, files and other paper documents in your office. But in the event of a fire, your… Read more >


DataPlus+ fire cabinet

DataPlus Get more value for your money while knowing your data media is protected in the event of fire or theft in your office: DataPlus+ from Chubbsafes is a range of certified safes providing combined fire and burglary protection. Your organisation’s data media is critical… Read more >


Dataguard NT Fire Cabinets

DataGuard NT Secure your data media against fire in your office: DataGuard NT is a range of certified safes providing fire protection for up to two hours. Your organisation’s digital assets are crucial for your business. But because information is saved on heat-sensitive discs, your… Read more >


Don’t you be the one responsible

Don’t you be the one responsible for a death in the name of saving money. Details of this report are extracted from a recent media report following the fatal 2012 Bankstown fire in an apartment block. FRANKsecure have been suppliers of Architectural Hardware since the… Read more >

Home Safes Gold Coast

Home Safes Protecting your valuables from theft is as easy as placing them into a quality safe. The difficulty lies in developing the habit of placing your items into your safe. FRANKsecure have a variety of safes suitable for home and office on display and… Read more >


Chubb DPC Document Cabinets

Chubb Fire Cabinets _ DPC Document Cabinets Rest assured your vital records and documents are protected from fire in your office: Document Protection Cabinets from Chubbsafes is a range of certified safes providing fire protection for up to two hours. You understand that fire can… Read more >