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Man Cave Security

Man Cave Security _ what you need to know. The advent of the Man Cave is upon us. We certainly have more toys than we can store at home, so why not invest in a Man Cave. It’s a great idea. Man Cave’s can be… Read more >

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Smartphone app alarm system

Smartphone app alarm system iRISCO, it’s Appsolutely the best The iRISCO smartphone app, designed to allow full control of your RISCO security system, is a popular choice for home and business owners who love self-monitoring on-the-go. You can also enjoy full management of your smart… Read more >

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2G GSM Dialler Network Shutdown

2G GSM Dialler Network Shutdown UPDATE; We are now receiving regular reminders from Telstra that their 2G GSM Network is closing down on 1st December 2016. What do you need to do? Be aware whether you have any equipment that is reliant on a sim… Read more >

risco 2way wireless iWave

Special Deal on Wireless Alarm Systems

RISCO wireless alarm special from now until 31 October 2016 Order and pay for your new Risco wireless alarm system before the end of October to saveĀ overĀ $200.00 You can pay for and have the installation and delivery after October but our special offering must be… Read more >

perimeter security

Secure the perimeter

Secure the perimeter Good security practices entail looking at various strategies to prevent a break & enter or to prevent a home invasion. What is the perimeter? The perimeter is the space surrounding your home. Often you will have a fence, not always. You may… Read more >

Alarm Systems

New Contact Phone Number

New Contact Phone Number for our Back to Base Monitoring Service. A reminder to all of our monitored alarm clients to update the phone number for the back to base monitoring control room. Control Room 1300-725 220 Call the control room for; any after hours… Read more >

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RISCO cloud maintenance alert

RISCO cloud maintenance alert Please be made aware that the RISCO Cloud service will undergo maintenance on Sunday July 10th 2016 at approx 6pm Brisbane time. For users of the Risco Cloud service (utilising the Risco smartphone app and web portal) you will not have… Read more >

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Emergency Alarm Silencing Procedure

A screaming siren on an alarm system is the bane of all alarm system users and their neighbours. A siren only blares when something has caused it to do so. The solution is of course to identify what’s causing the sirens to blare; a programmed… Read more >

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Monitored? Keep in touch!

Have a monitored alarm? When was the last time you updated your details?   I am placing money on that most of you have never updated your details since first signing up for back to base monitoring. Updating your details includes; checking the currency of… Read more >

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Alarm System Faults

My alarm code pad is beeping at me… what do I do? Alarm systems are relatively good at self-monitoring fault conditions and will advise you of a fault normally via the code pad beeping once every minute (this can be rather annoying when it happens… Read more >