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Back to base alarm monitoring

What is back to base monitoring?

  • Back to base monitoring is a specialised notification service to make certain communications based on specific instructions designated by the monitored client.
  • Back to base monitoring is not a replacement for your own emergency procedures and actions.
  • The effectiveness of a back to base monitoring service is reliant on your involvement and understanding of your alarm system operations and set-up.
  • The effectiveness of a back to base monitoring service is reliant on you maintaining a serviced and working alarm system.

Do I need back to base monitoring?

  • Yes, if you wish to claim a discount on your contents insurance policy.
  • Yes, if you business is required by insurance to be monitored.
  • Yes, if your alarm system is not capable of communicating to you with relevant information to action alarm events.
  • Yes, if you wish certain action on alarm events in your absence (eg overseas or interstate on holidays).
  • Yes, if your self-monitored alarm system cannot “ring” your mobile phone. Many self-monitored alarm systems rely solely on notifications to your mobile phone which may not be sufficient to alert you (eg when sleeping, or leaving a missed call notification).
  • Yes, if you require medical or duress action on certain alarm events.

Guard response to alarm events?

  • Recommended particularly for business alarm systems. FRANKsecure do not recommend you attend a burglary event alone.
  • A guard will verify if there are signs of a break-in, such as open or broken doors and windows.
  • If a guard response is desired it is essential to ensure the guard has dignified access to your property. They will not jump fences or enter properties with roaming dogs.
  • Be aware! Guards will almost never arrive in time to capture thieves in action.
  • Guard services are an additional cost over and above your annual monitoring service fee.

Police response to alarm events?

  • Be aware! Police attend calls in priority to a persons’ well being at risk scale.
  • Police receive many response calls and a burglary event is often not a high priority response call in relation to the many other calls registered for police attention.

How do I arrange back to base monitoring?

Whether you have an existing alarm system or thinking about having an alarm system installed a FRANKsecure technician (or your own security licensed technician) will be required to program the alarm system to communicate with our back to based monitoring service provider. See SIGN UP section below.

You do not need to be a FRANKsecure service client to take advantage of our great value monitoring prices. You can retain the services of your preferred service technician so you can be anywhere in Australia.

PSTN and GSM monitoring are the cheaper annual monitoring services but they do incur call costs every time the alarm system dials out to send event messages to the monitoring service provider.

GPRS and IP internet monitoring do cost more per year but there are no further call cost as the events are transmitted across open data networks.

GSM, GPRS and IP monitoring are becoming more popular as homes in particular cease to have PSTN landline services.



Sign up

To sign-up for a FRANKsecure alarm system back to base monitoring service simply complete the online Sign up form here

or download the pdf document, complete and return to us by post or email

After this process you will receive notice of when the process can be activated and the Alarm Event Response Form will be required to be completed.

  • Sign up Form

    Response Form

    Click here for link to Alarm Event Response Form

    This form is the most important document to complete to ensure we can organise the correct response to your alarm events.

    Feel free to make contact to discuss the options and in particular if you need assistance in designing any custom response to your alarm events.

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